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Data projects and Digital Transformation initiatives must start on common foundation and with a alignment across the organization. Our Master sessions cater to all levels of the enterprise. They deliver a solid understanding of the domain facets. They demystify the buzz and focus on immediately applicable learnings. Based on years of international experience in corporate, events and higher ed, these sessions are delivered in an dynamic formats that drives reactions, actions and engagement.

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Session Agenda Sample

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  • The starting point of any digital transformation project. How to define the relevant projects that will bring value and serve strategic objectives?
  • Presentation of technology options through their concrete roles and applications to the various lines of business. How to avoid the pitfall of technology for technology?
  • Mastering data by respecting fundamental yet simple principles. How to tame the accessible and powerful solutions available today?
  • Understanding the ins and outs of Big Data and their concrete applications in our daily work to better know when, where and how should we call for these advanced forms of analysis.
  • Manage change, foster engagement, mitigate the inherent frictions in data projects.
  • Design sustainable, accurate and efficient processes to support a continuous digital transformation.
  • The impacts of the digital culture in the enterprise. What are the path we need to engage on for a smooth and yet decisive evolution?
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