Student and Participant Reviews

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I went into the class knowing nothing about data and come out with the tools that will allow me to analyze any given chunk of data. Gauthier made the class very interesting by the way he taught it and of course, you cannot forget his magic tricks. I would recommend this class to anyone who would have the option of taking it.

Odise Finance November 13, 2017

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I wanted to really thank you for the interesting session that you held for our Winter School a few weeks ago. Before your class, I had written off anything regarding technology and data, as I hadn’t had any experience or contact with any of it and thought that it was not something that I would be interested in. But following your class, I am seriously considering data as a possible career path in the future and am aiming to take as many data-related classes as possible at Columbia as a part of my economics major. Your sessions not only presented a whole new field to many of us in a very approachable manner, but you also gave us plentiful practical advice in terms of business management. Your presentation of data truly changed my opinion of start-ups and many firms that are numbers-based, as I had always been under the impression that jobs in this particular field require being an “excel jockey” as you put it. I feel as though I have taken away much more from your class in a week than many others I have attended on a semester basis. Your teaching style was quite approachable and it was nice to have a professor who was more focused on what we took out of the class than how much we could memorize in a short period of time. I quite honestly spent over an hour talking about your class to my parents afterwards simply because you truly opened my eyes to a field and a life that I had not considered previously, for which I truly want to thank you for.

Katharina Finance | Sciences Po November 13, 2017

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Really interesting workshop about big data, with a lot of tangible elements and examples.

Charlotte Marketing November 13, 2017

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Very interesting presentation!

Kandiah Marketing November 13, 2017

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The session was really interesting with exciting topics. The session was animated, dynamic, and so it’s not annoying. Thank you very much!

Alexis Marketing November 13, 2017

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The speaker was very clear and understandable. I like the fact that he records himself in order to perform his skills. Moreover, the way he spoke made us feel confident and concentrated. In addition, the speaker was very open to any kind of questions.

Dos Marketing | ISEG November 13, 2017

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