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The session was really exciting and motivating. I think it woke up the minds of several people, as well as making more reachable this type of projects, not appearing anymore as a monster. I think it also taught us the pragmatism! Many thanks for that important step!

Stempak April 23, 2018

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The presentation was pointing out some of the biggest issues of the way we are using technology and how we are sometimes trapped into habits that keep us embracing the change and the opportunities that go with it. Definitely an experience worth sharing and I think we need more of these refreshments to help us stay the course in our daily work.

Harold Mativet April 23, 2018

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Very interesting hands-on information and cases were taught by Gauthier. He had gone above and beyond (invited some well-known guests speakers) to inform-lecture us with the latest data-driven sources. Recommended!

Ibrahim Aliyev April 23, 2018

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Become a Data CEO was one of the best courses that I had in Stanford Continuing Studies and I will highly recommend it to my colleagues. Gauthier not only gave us an explanation of concepts but also how we could use them through his practical experience, that is one of the best kinds of classes, when we have the opportunity to see theory and practical examples at the same place and how we can use it at our work.

Gabrielle Junqueira Hernandes April 23, 2018

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I appreciate the YBG-IBG statement as it is very true in the real world. People pursuing their own interests vs. organization legacy.

Raphael Hu April 23, 2018

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Gauthier covered almost every aspect of working with data to be a Data CEO. His sharing of rich experience working with data in various industry verticals at all level of organizations is revealing, and a wake-up call for not only to data professionals but also to people serving in management. Even though I have been working in the data science domain for almost 10 years, Gauthier has provided a very comprehensive view of what makes you a Data CEO. The thesis of his class is a value creation with the optimal combination of systems (Technology), process, data and people as four fundamental pillars to be a successful Data CEO. I would recommend this course to everyone who wants to create true value for the organization through finding a nugget in their data. To note that this is not a data mining class!

Basanta April 23, 2018

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