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I learned to read, write and speak a new language called Data.

Faik Saygin Kahraman April 23, 2018

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Data is a very vast subject with decades of evolution. And in the current industry (2018) Data is Gold!… This class gave me a good foundation about how to Deal with Data. I have hands-on experience with the good old RDBMS… So the reading the Slides gave quite a lot of insight. Also, I am familiar with the enhanced neurological impact of Story-based Learning. This class certainly had a lot of stories.

However, I have also read, that hands-on practice after learning is essential to create a long-term memory in the Hippocampus. The exercise at the end, with the Oracle Cloud Visualization tool, was very interesting. But I wish there were more of those. 🙁 These days executives are also asked to have hands-on technical knowledge. So I am sure it would have been relevant to the class…

Ananya Sen April 23, 2018

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Very interesting and useful course! A lot of concepts and issues brought up are very relevant to the project I am currently working on. Thank you!

Alena Gordinskaya Senior Analyst Finance, Finance Transformation Team April 23, 2018

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A great eye-opening experience. Not only was presentation engaging, well laid out and entertaining it also provided some Valuable insight into practical uses across our company. Colleagues were able to come up with insightful reports during the workshop phase after just a couple of hours. As for myself, ideas started popping into my head about possible uses during the classroom section. Being in charge of a cost centre branch of the organization I looked at it more from a production point of view and how I can grab information beneficial to accurate product costing that our IT department said was not available!! By the end of the workshop, I had a solid framework with which to build upon that will allow easier implementation of historical yields into our product costs. Going forward adding the final monthly production data will allow us to stay current with our yields. Something that hasn’t been done for years!! There is also the thought that this will allow all aspects of our costing to be updated in a quicker and easier fashion from raw material recipes, conversion costs and yields as mentioned above. Thank you, the timing couldn’t have been better as that was one of my goals for this upcoming year!!

Blair Nygren Manager FP&A April 23, 2018

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An excellent introduction to digital transformation and data concepts for non-IT employees. Perfect timing for our organization as we transition.

Anthony Marinucci Manager, FPA April 23, 2018

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Entertaining and informative.

Brett Waner Mgr. FP&A April 23, 2018

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