November 4, 2017

Absolutely wonderful class with a passionate professor who demonstrates exemplary instruction and engagement with his students. Dr. Vasseur is truly remarkable and has an extraordinary manner of imparting his knowledge to his students in a concise, unencumbered fashion. Prior to taking his class, I had only limited experience with “big data” and was honestly quite intimidated by it. However, Gauthier quelled my anxieties surrounding the topic and provided me with the confidence needed to become a “Data CEO” in my profession. The combination of lecture materials, guest speaker presentations, and hands-on case studies were crucial in breaking down the barriers to grasping and mastering the language of data and the management thereof. From learning how to manage everything from large-scale business problems to the most granular aspects of transactional systems, this course has made me feel substantially better-equipped to tackle and properly execute my own data projects. I would highly recommend that anyone take this course, especially those who believe data may not be their forté.

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