Transformational Keynotes

Kick-Start Your Data Journey

Transformation starts with people. When digital journeys begin with a clear understanding of the goals and rationals, demystification of complexity and acknowledgment of the challenges and opportunities ahead, they become truly sustainable and game-changing.

These keynotes sessions bring together executive teams, departments, and worldwide audiences to start as a group aligned on the same foundations.Data projects and Digital Transformation initiatives must start on a common foundation and with an alignment across the organization.

Our Focus: Induce Sustainable Change

Our sessions are often referred to as TEDx-style because of their impact. They are focused on getting the messages understood and accepted to foster engagement and will to change.

Our worldwide conference track-record, coupled with our academic experience and real operational expertise brings the trust of the audience. Our vivid, true stories create a bond.

Our style which brings hard topics and light humor together makes our message infuse.

“We leveraged Gauthier’s keynote and unique ability to explain data in a clear and applicable way over several regional executive and staff meetings. Educational content is really strong, and the fun he brings makes it so light.”



“90 minutes which felt like 2. An amazing journey that aligned our entire worldwide team on a common understanding. But it did even better: it created a whole new dynamic and appetite to learn and do more with data.”



About the Session

Our keynotes cover all the facets of the digital journey. It establishes a common understanding of the grounds for transformation. They include:

  • The technical landscape in a clear and applicable way.
  • The first essential keys to managing data in a fluid and sustainable manner.
  • Change management process and the realization of the potential we keep buried because of lack of time and empowerment.
  • The connection of all these elements to design lean processes that will deliver the visibility and time required to find the next big ideas.


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