Leadership with Data Master Classes

Lead with Expertise and Confidence


Only a holistic approach to business analytics can lead to sustainable analytics that is trusted, accepted and impactful.


Our sessions offer a unique cross-disciplinary approach to deliver accurate, rapid and sustainable analytics focused on business impact.


They provide readily applicable learning on the four elements of the domain: Technology, Data, People, and Processes.


They are completed with sessions on advanced visualization, AI/ML, Design Thinking, Open Innovation, or Change Management.



Build Impactful and Sustainable Analytics

We created the “Leadership with Data” Master Classes with the perfect balance between cutting-edge expertise, business applicability, and inclusive/ethical mindset.

Our sessions focus on accelerating the diffusion and adoption of analytics throughout all aspects of business and management for the creation of rapid, sustainable business value from data science.

This training is continuously tuned to the latest advances in analytics with constant interactions with Silicon Valley and the world’s thought-leaders.

Business Benefits

  • Gain a clear vision of data strategy
  • Become a valuable influencer
  • Max your process performance
  • Deliver ultra scalable and agile analytics
  • Build real synergy with IT
  • Gain time to focus on what matters

Tailored Training for all Audiences

C-Suite & Executives

  • Equip your leadership with a clear vision and understanding of analytics processes.
  • Play a constructive challenger role in key business decisions to invest in, adopt or build in new technologies. Stretch your organization by holding them to higher efficiency, sustainability and accuracy standards.

Operational Leaders

  • Deliver immediate performance gains
  • Drive cleaner data production, leaner data process designs, smooth change management, and better technology solution fit.
  • Spend more time in contact with your business, solving problems and going after the next big thing and less effort crunching data.


  • Boost your career with invaluable expertise.
  • Harness large or complex datasets with confidence.
  • Become a valuable contributor to your organization analytics.
  • Lead the digital transformation by example and grow into a mentor or an influencer to your peers.


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